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Blue - 436 eggs in 58 series

Image Name Abundance Series Notes
Bambi Uncommon Anderson
Beauty Beast Uncommon Anderson
Bedtime Uncommon Anderson
Black Cat Uncommon Anderson
Catepillar Uncommon Anderson
Dog Parrot Uncommon Anderson
Flamingo Socks Uncommon Anderson
Nightingale Uncommon Anderson
The Snow Man Uncommon Anderson
Ugly Duckling Uncommon Anderson
Candycornia Uncommon AtticFrom H1
Fiery Sharp-Claw Uncommon AtticFrom H1
Hells Kitten Uncommon AtticFrom H1
Meowster Uncommon AtticFrom H1
Peekaboo ICU Uncommon AtticFrom H1
Smile ThruMe Uncommon AtticFrom H1
Snake-allufagus Uncommon AtticFrom H1
Spaceship Teethegg Uncommon AtticFrom H1
Chipmunk Pup Uncommon Baby
Ferret Kit Uncommon Baby
Chick Uncommon Baby
Kitten Uncommon Baby
Puppy Uncommon Baby
Pinkie Uncommon Baby
Skunk Kit Uncommon Baby
Bunnuncula Uncommon BasementFrom H1
Button Eye Joe Uncommon BasementFrom H1
Petception Uncommon BasementFrom H1
Snarky Uncommon BasementFrom H1
Stinkatchoo Uncommon BasementFrom H1
Toey Sockavore Uncommon BasementFrom H1
TooferToad Uncommon BasementFrom H1
Twanglasaurus Uncommon BasementFrom H1
Agent Octo-Orange Uncommon Behind YouFrom H1
Blobby Bonigut Uncommon Behind YouFrom H1
Bubba Uncommon Behind YouFrom H1
Getcha Uncommon Behind YouFrom H1
Ichabod Punkin Uncommon Behind YouFrom H1
Scraggle Uncommon Behind YouFrom H1
Skull Star Uncommon Behind YouFrom H1
Audrey III Uncommon Below The StairsFrom H1
Blueveinosaurus Uncommon Below The StairsFrom H1
Frankenstripe Uncommon Below The StairsFrom H1
Garfunklesaurus Uncommon Below The StairsFrom H1
Gloweyes Uncommon Below The StairsFrom H1
Peek-A-Blue Uncommon Below The StairsFrom H1
Smores Uncommon Below The StairsFrom H1
Taffymonster Uncommon Below The StairsFrom H1
White Shirt Uncommon Bowling
Yellow Lane Uncommon Bowling
Orange Ball Uncommon Bowling
Green Pins Uncommon Bowling
Blue Shoe Uncommon Bowling
Purple Trophy Uncommon Bowling
Red Bag Uncommon Bowling
Brown Glove Uncommon Bowling
Disco Devil Uncommon ClosetFrom H1
E-Bole-Eyes Uncommon ClosetFrom H1
Grim Slithering Uncommon ClosetFrom H1
Hallo-Annie Uncommon ClosetFrom H1
Saurian Shy-Guy Uncommon ClosetFrom H1
Sluggabug Uncommon ClosetFrom H1
Tobasco Uncommon ClosetFrom H1
Got Milk Uncommon ClosetFrom H1
Turtle Uncommon Craft
Chick Uncommon Craft
Hippo Uncommon Craft
Lizard Uncommon Craft
Octopus Uncommon Craft
Elephant Uncommon Craft
Horse Uncommon Craft
Contest Entry By Deb Lamborn Uncommon Da VinciFrom H1
Contest Entry By Becky Morse Uncommon Da VinciFrom H1
Contest Entry By Jamie Ramey Uncommon Da VinciFrom H1
Contest Entry By Teri Clanahan Uncommon Da VinciFrom H1
Contest Entry By Paul Bagnarol Uncommon Da VinciFrom H1
Contest Entry By Gerrie Berrie Uncommon Da VinciFrom H1
Contest Entry By Fai Zakaria Uncommon Da VinciFrom H1
Grubby Uncommon Dark ForestFrom H1
Madame Spikeblossom Uncommon Dark ForestFrom H1
Oooosti Uncommon Dark ForestFrom H1
Toothy Tilly Uncommon Dark ForestFrom H1
Tribbles Uncommon Dark ForestFrom H1
Whistlers Monster Uncommon Dark ForestFrom H1
Yellow Mellow Uncommon Dark ForestFrom H1
Fennec Fox Uncommon Desert
Armadillo Uncommon Desert
Burrowing Owl Uncommon Desert
Scorpion Uncommon Desert
Rattlesnake Uncommon Desert
Golden Mole Uncommon Desert
Vulture Uncommon Desert
Tree Uncommon Earth Day
Recycle Uncommon Earth Day
Ocean Uncommon Earth Day
World Uncommon Earth Day
Ice Caps Uncommon Earth Day
Animals Uncommon Earth Day
Rainforest Uncommon Earth Day
Red Squirrel Uncommon Fall Animals
Bear Uncommon Fall Animals
Badger Uncommon Fall Animals
Fox Uncommon Fall Animals
Field Mouse Uncommon Fall Animals
Hedgehog Uncommon Fall Animals
Blue Bird Uncommon Fall Animals
Skeleton Uncommon Falloween
Witch Uncommon Falloween
Bat Uncommon Falloween
Ghost Uncommon Falloween
Zombie Uncommon Falloween
Cat Uncommon Falloween
Vampire Uncommon Falloween
Fire Fox Uncommon Farm AnimalsFrom H1
Floral Calf Uncommon Farm AnimalsFrom H1
Forest Fawn Uncommon Farm AnimalsFrom H1
Hedgehog Uncommon Farm AnimalsFrom H1
Milk Bottle Uncommon Farm AnimalsFrom H1
Moutain Goat Uncommon Farm AnimalsFrom H1
Roadkill Raccoon Uncommon Farm AnimalsFrom H1
Rooster Barn Uncommon Farm AnimalsFrom H1
Siamese Night Cat Uncommon Farm AnimalsFrom H1
Panda Uncommon Fifth Birthday
Whale Uncommon Fifth Birthday
Snail Uncommon Fifth Birthday
Elephant Uncommon Fifth Birthday
Turtle Uncommon Fifth Birthday
Snake Uncommon Fifth Birthday
Penguin Uncommon Fifth Birthday
Foil Bunny Uncommon FoilsFrom H1
Foil Doggy Uncommon FoilsFrom H1
Foil Ducky Uncommon FoilsFrom H1
Foil Kitty Uncommon FoilsFrom H1
Foil Piggy Uncommon FoilsFrom H1
Foil Pippy Uncommon FoilsFrom H1
Foil Teddy Uncommon FoilsFrom H1
A Room With A View Uncommon FractalFrom H1
Bright Blue Tango Uncommon FractalFrom H1
Contrapuntal Uncommon FractalFrom H1
Garden Party Uncommon FractalFrom H1
Jardinere Uncommon FractalFrom H1
Party Melt Uncommon FractalFrom H1
Set Phasers To Stun Uncommon FractalFrom H1
Stina Uncommon FractalFrom H1
Tales Of Brave Ulysses Uncommon FractalFrom H1
Vestibular Woe Uncommon FractalFrom H1
Folk Devil Uncommon Grimm
Gold Goose Uncommon Grimm
Mowgli Uncommon Grimm
Musicians Of Bremen Uncommon Grimm
One Thousand One Nights Uncommon Grimm
Opera Act Uncommon Grimm
Oz Uncommon Grimm
Raven Fox Uncommon Grimm
Rover Uncommon Grimm
Soft Donkey Uncommon Grimm
A Is For Addicting Uncommon HatchlingsFrom H1
C Is For Collecting Uncommon HatchlingsFrom H1
G Is For Gifting Uncommon HatchlingsFrom H1
H Is For Happy Hunting Uncommon HatchlingsFrom H1
H Is For Hatchlings Uncommon HatchlingsFrom H1
I Is For Incubate Uncommon HatchlingsFrom H1
L Is For Levelling Up Uncommon HatchlingsFrom H1
N Is For Nest Uncommon HatchlingsFrom H1
S Is For Shells Uncommon HatchlingsFrom H1
T Is For Tabbed Hunting Uncommon HatchlingsFrom H1
Bell Uncommon Independence Day
Eagle Uncommon Independence Day
Flag Uncommon Independence Day
Hat Uncommon Independence Day
Rocket Uncommon Independence Day
Scroll Uncommon Independence Day
Stripe Uncommon Independence Day
Classic Uncommon Jackolantern
Tall Uncommon Jackolantern
Vampire Uncommon Jackolantern
Fat Uncommon Jackolantern
Sick Uncommon Jackolantern
Zombie Uncommon Jackolantern
Small Uncommon Jackolantern
White Spotted Uncommon Jellyfish
Barrel Uncommon Jellyfish
Marivagia Uncommon Jellyfish
Moon Uncommon Jellyfish
Purple-striped Uncommon Jellyfish
Blue Uncommon Jellyfish
Mediterranean Uncommon Jellyfish
Terry Uncommon Jurassic
Rexxy Uncommon Jurassic
Tri Uncommon Jurassic
Terry Uncommon Jurassic
Ken Uncommon Jurassic
Itchy Uncommon Jurassic
Patty Uncommon Jurassic
St Bernard Uncommon Kennel
Cockapoo Uncommon Kennel
Schnauzer Uncommon Kennel
Bulldog Uncommon Kennel
Basset Hound Uncommon Kennel
Bull Terrier Uncommon Kennel
German Shepherd Uncommon Kennel
Bobtail Uncommon Kitten
Calico Uncommon Kitten
Curl Uncommon Kitten
Fold Uncommon Kitten
Persian Uncommon Kitten
Phynx Uncommon Kitten
Siamese Uncommon Kitten
Seven-spotted Uncommon Ladybug
Harlequin Uncommon Ladybug
Twice-stabbed Uncommon Ladybug
Orange Uncommon Ladybug
Steelblue Uncommon Ladybug
Eyed Uncommon Ladybug
Larva Uncommon Ladybug
1000 AD Cat Uncommon Middle AgeFrom H1
1300 AD Cat Uncommon Middle AgeFrom H1
1481 AD Cat Uncommon Middle AgeFrom H1
200 AD Cat Uncommon Middle AgeFrom H1
400 BC Cat Uncommon Middle AgeFrom H1
500 BC Cat Uncommon Middle AgeFrom H1
750 BC Cat Uncommon Middle AgeFrom H1
1841 AD Cat Uncommon Modern AgeFrom H1
1865 AD Cat Uncommon Modern AgeFrom H1
1896 AD Cat Uncommon Modern AgeFrom H1
1897 AD Cat Uncommon Modern AgeFrom H1
1908 AD Cat Uncommon Modern AgeFrom H1
1919 AD Cat Uncommon Modern AgeFrom H1
1925 AD Cat Uncommon Modern AgeFrom H1
1938 AD Cat Uncommon Modern AgeFrom H1
1940 AD Cat Uncommon New AgeFrom H1
1958 AD Cat Uncommon New AgeFrom H1
1969 AD Cat Uncommon New AgeFrom H1
1975 AD Cat Uncommon New AgeFrom H1
1989 AD Cat Uncommon New AgeFrom H1
1993 AD Cat Uncommon New AgeFrom H1
2004 AD Cat Uncommon New AgeFrom H1
2010 AD Cat Uncommon New AgeFrom H1
Champagne Uncommon New Years
Snake Uncommon New Years
Baby Uncommon New Years
Peas Uncommon New Years
Grapes Uncommon New Years
Father Time Uncommon New Years
Fireworks Uncommon New Years
Baby Seal Uncommon Over The SeaFrom H1
Crocodile Skin Uncommon Over The SeaFrom H1
Faberge Egg Uncommon Over The SeaFrom H1
Flaming Dragon Uncommon Over The SeaFrom H1
Hypnotic Lizard Uncommon Over The SeaFrom H1
I Am The Walrus Uncommon Over The SeaFrom H1
Rainforest Frog Uncommon Over The SeaFrom H1
Sea Turtle Uncommon Over The SeaFrom H1
Seafood Clam Uncommon Over The SeaFrom H1
Barn Uncommon Owl
Snowy Uncommon Owl
Great Horned Uncommon Owl
Spectacled Uncommon Owl
Baby Elf Uncommon Owl
White Faced Scops Uncommon Owl
Burrowing Uncommon Owl
Cat Boots Uncommon Perrault
Crystal Shoe Uncommon Perrault
Gulliver Sheep Uncommon Perrault
Heidi Dog Uncommon Perrault
Jiminy Cricket Uncommon Perrault
Leagues Under The Sea Uncommon Perrault
Little Pigs Uncommon Perrault
Little Prince Uncommon Perrault
Little Red Riding Uncommon Perrault
Uncle Tiger Bunny Uncommon Perrault
Contest Entry By Becky Morse Uncommon PicassoFrom H1
Contest Entry By Erica Vince Uncommon PicassoFrom H1
Contest Entry By Kylie Barkle Uncommon PicassoFrom H1
Contest Entry By Ron Brown Uncommon PicassoFrom H1
Contest Entry By Sandy Frank Uncommon PicassoFrom H1
Contest Entry By Teri Clanahan Uncommon PicassoFrom H1
Contest Entry By Kathy Cockerham Uncommon PicassoFrom H1
RustyBot Uncommon Robot
FightingBot Uncommon Robot
WanderingBot Uncommon Robot
CarBot Uncommon Robot
CuteBot Uncommon Robot
OrbBot Uncommon Robot
EggBot Uncommon Robot
Prehistoric Sabre Tooth Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Bamboo Gorilla Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Lion Mane Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Peacock Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Elegant Cheetah Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Ribbed Hyena Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Tiger Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Sahara Camel Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Safari Rhino Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Hippie Hippo Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Ice Age Mammoth Uncommon SafariFrom H1
Student Sheep Uncommon School
Cheer Cheetah Uncommon School
Coach Rhino Uncommon School
Nerdy Birdy Uncommon School
Crossing Koala Uncommon School
Reading Rat Uncommon School
Ms. Giraffe Uncommon School
Basket Bunny Uncommon Second Levelup
Nest Gnome Uncommon Second Levelup
Happy Hunter Uncommon Second Levelup
Capable Collector Uncommon Second Levelup
Intrepid Incubator Uncommon Second Levelup
Emerging Egger Uncommon Second Levelup
Blue By You Uncommon ShadowFrom H1
Gourd Vader Uncommon ShadowFrom H1
Loud Mouth Talker Uncommon ShadowFrom H1
Polka Spotted Egg Catcher Uncommon ShadowFrom H1
Purple Pimpleneil Uncommon ShadowFrom H1
Tickle Me Dragon Uncommon ShadowFrom H1
Voodoo Fishlips Uncommon ShadowFrom H1
Spikey-Toothed Freakazoid Uncommon ShadowFrom H1
Swirly Uncommon Snail
Spots Uncommon Snail
Sticky Uncommon Snail
Stone Uncommon Snail
Sting Uncommon Snail
Scaredy Uncommon Snail
Sea Uncommon Snail
Girl Uncommon Snow Family
Boy Uncommon Snow Family
Cat Uncommon Snow Family
Dog Uncommon Snow Family
Lady Uncommon Snow Family
Man Uncommon Snow Family
Nana Uncommon Snow Family
Ski Jumping Uncommon Sochi
Figure Skating Uncommon Sochi
Bobsleigh Uncommon Sochi
Biathlon Uncommon Sochi
Alpine Skiing Uncommon Sochi
Snowboard Uncommon Sochi
Curling Uncommon Sochi
Black Widow Uncommon Spider
Peacock Spider Uncommon Spider
Spiny Orb Weaver Uncommon Spider
Happy Face Spider Uncommon Spider
Bird Dung Uncommon Spider
Camel Uncommon Spider
Wasp Spider Uncommon Spider
Basketball 2009 Uncommon SportsFrom H1
Football Uncommon SportsFrom H1
Game Day Uncommon SportsFrom H1
Soccer Uncommon SportsFrom H1
Spring Boating 2009 Uncommon SportsFrom H1
The Big Game Uncommon SportsFrom H1
1000 BC Cat Uncommon Stone AgeFrom H1
1350 BC Cat Uncommon Stone AgeFrom H1
1650 BC Cat Uncommon Stone AgeFrom H1
2600 BC Cat Uncommon Stone AgeFrom H1
300,000 BC Cat Uncommon Stone AgeFrom H1
3000 BC Cat Uncommon Stone AgeFrom H1
40,000 BC Cat Uncommon Stone AgeFrom H1
Franky Uncommon Tissue Kitty
Lucky Uncommon Tissue Kitty
Tommy Uncommon Tissue Kitty
Gary Uncommon Tissue Kitty
Princess Uncommon Tissue Kitty
Ralphy Uncommon Tissue Kitty
Grumpy Uncommon Tissue Kitty
Bot Bright Uncommon Toy
Frog Rings Uncommon Toy
Mama Swan Uncommon Toy
Monster Car Uncommon Toy
Fairy Doll Uncommon Toy
Hungry Gator Uncommon Toy
Mr. Carrot Face Uncommon Toy
Engine Uncommon Train
Boxcar Uncommon Train
Lumber Car Uncommon Train
Circus Uncommon Train
Open Hopper Uncommon Train
Passenger Car Uncommon Train
Caboose Uncommon Train
Battle Uncommon TrollMystery May 1
Collector Uncommon TrollMystery May 1
Grass Uncommon TrollMystery May 1
Granma Uncommon TrollMystery May 1
Granpa Uncommon TrollMystery May 1
Crouch Uncommon TrollMystery May 1
Bird Uncommon TrollMystery May 1
Alligator Snapping Uncommon Turtle
Mata Mata Uncommon Turtle
Mary River Uncommon Turtle
Starry Uncommon Turtle
Icy Uncommon Turtle
Magma Uncommon Turtle
Ninja Uncommon Turtle
Brainiac Uncommon Under The BedFrom H1
Dem Bones Uncommon Under The BedFrom H1
False Positive Uncommon Under The BedFrom H1
Lil Batty Boo Boo Uncommon Under The BedFrom H1
Limely Uncommon Under The BedFrom H1
Morning After Uncommon Under The BedFrom H1
Sleepablue Uncommon Under The BedFrom H1
Waaazupasaurus Uncommon Under The BedFrom H1
Contest Entry By Alexandra Muller Uncommon Van GoghFrom H1
Contest Entry By Cameila Anderson Uncommon Van GoghFrom H1
Contest Entry By Chris Gordon Uncommon Van GoghFrom H1
Contest Entry By Erica Vince Uncommon Van GoghFrom H1
Contest Entry By Fai Zakaria Uncommon Van GoghFrom H1
Contest Entry By Vicki Muller Uncommon Van GoghFrom H1
Contest Entry By Derek Kong Uncommon WarholFrom H1
Contest Entry By Fai Zakaria Uncommon WarholFrom H1
Contest Entry By Karen Cowen Uncommon WarholFrom H1
Contest Entry By Linda Washington Uncommon WarholFrom H1
Contest Entry By Perly Trueba Uncommon WarholFrom H1
Contest Entry By Yogi Talastas Uncommon WarholFrom H1
Contest Entry By Yogi Talastas Uncommon WarholFrom H1
Sunny Uncommon Weather
Rain Uncommon Weather
Fog Uncommon Weather
Blizzard Uncommon Weather
Hurricane Uncommon Weather
Lightning Uncommon Weather
Tornado Uncommon Weather
Mary Uncommon Wise Men
Joseph Uncommon Wise Men
Baby Jesus Uncommon Wise Men
Shepherd Uncommon Wise Men
Melchior Uncommon Wise Men
Caspar Uncommon Wise Men
Balthazar Uncommon Wise Men
Angel Uncommon Wise Men
Pyramid Uncommon Wonder
Great Wall Uncommon Wonder
Colossus Uncommon Wonder
Redeemer Uncommon Wonder
Taj Mahal Uncommon Wonder
Colosseum Uncommon Wonder
Stone Henge Uncommon Wonder