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Brown - 409 eggs in 52 series

Image Name Abundance Series Notes
10th Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
11th Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
12th Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
1st Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
2nd Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
3rd Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
4th Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
5th Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
6th Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
7th Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
8th Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
9th Day Of Xmas 2010 Very Rare 12 DaysFrom H1
Arado Ar 196 Very Rare Airplanes
B2 Stealth Bomber Very Rare Airplanes
Boeing 747 Very Rare Airplanes
F22 Raptor Very Rare Airplanes
Glaser Dirks DG-808 Very Rare Airplanes
P-40 Warhawk Very Rare Airplanes
PA-5 Hatch Very Rare Airplanes
Barcelona Very Rare BackpackingFrom H1
Dublin Very Rare BackpackingFrom H1
Germany 2009 Very Rare BackpackingFrom H1
Italy Very Rare BackpackingFrom H1
Milan Very Rare BackpackingFrom H1
Paris 2009 Very Rare BackpackingFrom H1
Vienna 2009 Very Rare BackpackingFrom H1
London 2009 Very Rare BackpackingFrom H1
Netherlands 2009 Very Rare BackpackingFrom H1
Butterfly Very Rare Balloon
Giraffe Very Rare Balloon
Poodle Very Rare Balloon
Bunny Very Rare Balloon
Cat Very Rare Balloon
Unicorn Very Rare Balloon
Swan Very Rare Balloon
Octopus Very Rare Balloon
Snake Very Rare Balloon
Elephant Very Rare Balloon
Donna Key Very Rare Bonnet
Patty Platy Very Rare Bonnet
Aunt Jawnna Very Rare Bonnet
Mrs. Webb Very Rare Bonnet
Rhonda Rhino Very Rare Bonnet
Sylvia Snake Very Rare Bonnet
Miss Owlivia Very Rare Bonnet
Lancelot Very Rare Camelot
Bedivere Very Rare Camelot
Gawain Very Rare Camelot
Galahad Very Rare Camelot
Gareth Very Rare Camelot
Pellinore Very Rare Camelot
King Arthur Very Rare Camelot
Deer Very Rare Candy Cane
Red Panda Very Rare Candy Cane
Dog Very Rare Candy Cane
Cat Very Rare Candy Cane
Hamster Very Rare Candy Cane
Flamingo Very Rare Candy Cane
Lizard Very Rare Candy Cane
Shark Very Rare Candy Cane
Elephant Very Rare Candy Cane
Dinosaur Very Rare Candy Cane
Choir Very Rare Christmas AngelFrom H1
Cymbal Very Rare Christmas AngelFrom H1
Triangle Very Rare Christmas AngelFrom H1
Trumpet Very Rare Christmas AngelFrom H1
Apple Very Rare Christmas CrystalFrom H1
Flower Very Rare Christmas CrystalFrom H1
Heart Very Rare Christmas CrystalFrom H1
Wreath Very Rare Christmas CrystalFrom H1
Angel Very Rare Christmas CrystalFrom H1
Dove Very Rare Christmas CrystalFrom H1
Christmas Elfette Very Rare Christmas TalesFrom H1
Cindy Lou Very Rare Christmas TalesFrom H1
Ghost Of Christmas Future Very Rare Christmas TalesFrom H1
Ghost Of Christmas Past Very Rare Christmas TalesFrom H1
Ghost Of Christmas Present Very Rare Christmas TalesFrom H1
Max Very Rare Christmas TalesFrom H1
Santa Very Rare Christmas TalesFrom H1
The Grinch Very Rare Christmas TalesFrom H1
Mrs Claus Very Rare Christmas TalesFrom H1
Christmas Elf Very Rare Christmas TalesFrom H1
Christmas Caroler Very Rare Christmas TraditionsFrom H1
Christmas Present Very Rare Christmas TraditionsFrom H1
Cuckoo Clock Very Rare Christmas TraditionsFrom H1
Gingerbread House Very Rare Christmas TraditionsFrom H1
Hot Milk Very Rare Christmas TraditionsFrom H1
Silver Bells Very Rare Christmas TraditionsFrom H1
Teddy Bear Very Rare Christmas TraditionsFrom H1
Doodle Bear Very Rare Cloud
Doodle Cow Very Rare Cloud
Doodle Mouse Very Rare Cloud
Doodle Fish Very Rare Cloud
Doodle Beaver Very Rare Cloud
Doodle Butterfly Very Rare Cloud
Doodle Dog Very Rare Cloud
Doodle Cat Very Rare Cloud
Doodle Bunny Very Rare Cloud
Doodle Parrot Very Rare Cloud
Pegasus Very Rare Constellation
Canis Very Rare Constellation
Orion Very Rare Constellation
Cygnus Very Rare Constellation
Lepus Very Rare Constellation
Serpens Very Rare Constellation
Cassiopeia Very Rare Constellation
Scorpius Very Rare Constellation
Draco Very Rare Constellation
Ursa Major Very Rare Constellation
Female Dragon Very Rare Couple
Male Dragon Very Rare Couple
Female Elephant Very Rare Couple
Male Elephant Very Rare Couple
Female Giraffe Very Rare Couple
Male Giraffe Very Rare Couple
Male Swan Very Rare Couple
Female Swan Very Rare Couple
Election 2008 Very Rare Dog Eat DogFrom H1
Shark Week: Attack Very Rare Dog Eat DogFrom H1
Shark Week: Bite Very Rare Dog Eat DogFrom H1
Shark Week: Jaws Very Rare Dog Eat DogFrom H1
Spring Finals Week 2009 Very Rare Dog Eat DogFrom H1
Democrat Very Rare Dog Eat DogFrom H1
Republican Very Rare Dog Eat DogFrom H1
Baji Very Rare Dolphin
Common Very Rare Dolphin
Dusky Very Rare Dolphin
Friendly Very Rare Dolphin
Rainbow Very Rare Dolphin
Robot Very Rare Dolphin
Bottle Very Rare Dolphin
Turquoise Very Rare Draco
Bismuth Very Rare Draco
Crocoite Very Rare Draco
Pallasite Very Rare Draco
Hematite Very Rare Draco
Gypsum Very Rare Draco
Aquamarine Very Rare Draco
Shattuckite Very Rare Draco
Opal Very Rare Draco
Tourmaline Very Rare Draco
Skelly Bear Very Rare Dress Up
Franken Dragon Very Rare Dress Up
Count Gargoyle Very Rare Dress Up
Faerie Monster Very Rare Dress Up
Devil Toucan Very Rare Dress Up
Ninja Amphisbaena Very Rare Dress Up
Pumpkin Beast Very Rare Dress Up
Witch Fairy Very Rare Dress Up
Pirate Lizard Very Rare Dress Up
Angel Scorpion Very Rare Dress Up
Aqua Bear Very Rare Element
Earthworm Very Rare Element
Electric Squirrel Very Rare Element
Flame Bunny Very Rare Element
Gem Lizard Very Rare Element
Magmafrog Very Rare Element
Metalwolf Very Rare Element
Wind Weasel Very Rare Element
Wood Deer Very Rare Element
Harlequin Frog Very Rare Endangered
Ruffed Lemur Very Rare Endangered
Kakapo Very Rare Endangered
Chinese Pangolin Very Rare Endangered
Southern Bluefin Tuna Very Rare Endangered
Bali Starling Very Rare Endangered
Amur Leopard Very Rare Endangered
Scrambled Egg Very Rare Fifth Levelup
Super Hunter Very Rare Fifth Levelup
Hard Boiled Very Rare Fifth Levelup
Rockstar Hunter Very Rare Fifth Levelup
Over Easy Very Rare Fifth Levelup
Supreme Searcher Very Rare Fifth Levelup
Condemned Very Rare First Stations
Carry Very Rare First Stations
First Fall Very Rare First Stations
Mother Very Rare First Stations
Simon Of Cyrene Very Rare First Stations
Veronica Very Rare First Stations
Second Fall Very Rare First Stations
Super Burger Very Rare Food
Magic Potato Very Rare Food
Fruit Very Rare Food
Vegetable Very Rare Food
Grain Very Rare Food
Dairy Very Rare Food
Meat Very Rare Food
Sweet Very Rare Food
Water Very Rare Food
Pink Very Rare Glitter
Orange Very Rare Glitter
Yellow Very Rare Glitter
Green Very Rare Glitter
Blue Very Rare Glitter
Indigo Very Rare Glitter
Purple Very Rare Glitter
Black Very Rare Glitter
White Very Rare Glitter
Rainbow Very Rare Glitter
Birthday 2009 Very Rare Greeting CardFrom H1
Martin Luther King Day Very Rare Greeting CardFrom H1
Mother's Day 2008 Very Rare Greeting CardFrom H1
Mothers Day 2009 Very Rare Greeting CardFrom H1
Mothers Day 2009 Very Rare Greeting CardFrom H1
Pi Day 2009 Very Rare Greeting CardFrom H1
Talk Like A Pirate Day 2008 Very Rare Greeting CardFrom H1
Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009 Very Rare Greeting CardFrom H1
Mothers Day 2009 Very Rare Greeting CardFrom H1
Christkind Very Rare Holiday Helpers
Tomte Very Rare Holiday Helpers
La Befana Very Rare Holiday Helpers
Stekkjastaur Very Rare Holiday Helpers
Hoteiosho Very Rare Holiday Helpers
Father Christmas Very Rare Holiday Helpers
Krampus Very Rare Holiday Helpers
Spring Deerrobin Very Rare Hybrid
Owl Griffin Very Rare Hybrid
Fall Crowchipmunk Very Rare Hybrid
Summer Otterseagull Very Rare Hybrid
Beaver Very Rare Idiom
Bear Very Rare Idiom
Lamb Very Rare Idiom
Bat Very Rare Idiom
Mouse Very Rare Idiom
Dog Very Rare Idiom
Skunk Very Rare Idiom
Bird Very Rare Kite
Koi Very Rare Kite
Manta Ray Very Rare Kite
Dragon Very Rare Kite
Butterfly Very Rare Kite
Octopus Very Rare Kite
Phoenix Very Rare Kite
Bat Very Rare Kite
Shark Very Rare Kite
Turtle Very Rare Kite
Turtle Very Rare Lava
Beast Very Rare Lava
Dingo Very Rare Lava
Snake Very Rare Lava
Mole Very Rare Lava
Bear Very Rare Lava
Frog Very Rare Lava
Silver Maple Very Rare Leaf
Crabapple Very Rare Leaf
Rock Elm Very Rare Leaf
Dogwood Very Rare Leaf
White Oak Very Rare Leaf
Magnolia Very Rare Leaf
White Ash Very Rare Leaf
New Years 2010 Very Rare Long WeekendFrom H1
Presidents Day 2011 Very Rare Long WeekendFrom H1
St. Patrick's Day 2008 Very Rare Long WeekendFrom H1
Veteran's Day 2008 Very Rare Long WeekendFrom H1
Cinco De Mayo Very Rare Long WeekendFrom H1
Chinese New Year 2009 Very Rare Long WeekendFrom H1
Independence Day 2008 Very Rare Long WeekendFrom H1
Memorial Day 2009 Very Rare Long WeekendFrom H1
Mardi Gras 2009 Very Rare Long WeekendFrom H1
Mermaid Camp Very Rare MermaidFrom H1
Mermaid Cold Very Rare MermaidFrom H1
Mermaid Duo Very Rare MermaidFrom H1
Mermaid Las Very Rare MermaidFrom H1
Mermaid Ski Very Rare MermaidFrom H1
Mermaid Wheeling Very Rare MermaidFrom H1
Mermaid Woo Very Rare MermaidFrom H1
Mermaid Debut Very Rare MermanFrom H1
Mermaid Laws Very Rare MermanFrom H1
Mermaid Birthday Very Rare MermanFrom H1
Mermaid Fair Very Rare MermanFrom H1
Mermaid Life Very Rare MermanFrom H1
Mermaid School Very Rare MermanFrom H1
Mermaid Weekend Very Rare MermanFrom H1
Nativity Angel Very Rare NativityFrom H1
Nativity Jesus Very Rare NativityFrom H1
Nativity Joseph Very Rare NativityFrom H1
Nativity Mary Very Rare NativityFrom H1
Nativity Melcior Very Rare NativityFrom H1
Nativity Balthasar Very Rare NativityFrom H1
Nativity Caspar Very Rare NativityFrom H1
Nativity Shepherd Very Rare NativityFrom H1
Freyja Very Rare Norse Goddesses
Skadi Very Rare Norse Goddesses
Frigg Very Rare Norse Goddesses
Idunn Very Rare Norse Goddesses
Ran Very Rare Norse Goddesses
Hel Very Rare Norse Goddesses
Nott Very Rare Norse Goddesses
Blackbeard Very Rare Pirate
Calico Jack Very Rare Pirate
Anne Bonny Very Rare Pirate
Rahmah Ibn Jabir Very Rare Pirate
Black Sam Bellamy Very Rare Pirate
Ching Shih Very Rare Pirate
Henry Every Very Rare Pirate
Dragonfly Very Rare Pond
Crested Newt Very Rare Pond
Turtle Very Rare Pond
Mallard Duck Very Rare Pond
Koi Very Rare Pond
Water Shrew Very Rare Pond
Frog Very Rare Pond
9/11 Remembrance Very Rare RandomFrom H1
Falling Trees Very Rare RandomFrom H1
Learning To Fly Very Rare RandomFrom H1
Party 2009 Very Rare RandomFrom H1
Rapture Very Rare RandomFrom H1
Sparta (300th Special) Very Rare RandomFrom H1
Bahamas 2010 Very Rare Road TripFrom H1
Mayan Calendar Very Rare Road TripFrom H1
New York City Very Rare Road TripFrom H1
Road Trip 2010 Very Rare Road TripFrom H1
Ski Goggles Very Rare Road TripFrom H1
Ski Trip 2011 Very Rare Road TripFrom H1
San Francisco Very Rare Road TripFrom H1
Space Shuttle Very Rare Road TripFrom H1
Toronto Very Rare Road TripFrom H1
Back To School Very Rare ScreensaverFrom H1
F8 2010 Very Rare ScreensaverFrom H1
New Server Blue Very Rare ScreensaverFrom H1
New Server Green Very Rare ScreensaverFrom H1
New Server Orange Very Rare ScreensaverFrom H1
Prometheus Awards Very Rare ScreensaverFrom H1
Women Of Jerusalem Very Rare Second Stations
Third Fall Very Rare Second Stations
Clothes Very Rare Second Stations
Crucifixion Very Rare Second Stations
Jesus Dies Very Rare Second Stations
Deposition Very Rare Second Stations
Tomb Very Rare Second Stations
Resurrection Very Rare Second Stations
Hamlet Very Rare Shakespeare
Macbeth Very Rare Shakespeare
A Midsummer Night's Dream Very Rare Shakespeare
Othello Very Rare Shakespeare
The Taming Of The Shrew Very Rare Shakespeare
Romeo Very Rare Shakespeare
And Juliet Very Rare Shakespeare
Hammerhead Very Rare Shark
Basking Very Rare Shark
Goblin Very Rare Shark
Longnose Sawshark Very Rare Shark
Angel Very Rare Shark
Bigeye Thresher Very Rare Shark
Great White Very Rare Shark
Lahore Very Rare Show Pigeons
Fantail Very Rare Show Pigeons
Archangel Very Rare Show Pigeons
Fairy Swallow Very Rare Show Pigeons
Helmet Very Rare Show Pigeons
Pouter Very Rare Show Pigeons
Jacobin Very Rare Show Pigeons
Dasher Very Rare Sleigh
Dancer Very Rare Sleigh
Prancer Very Rare Sleigh
Vixen Very Rare Sleigh
Comet Very Rare Sleigh
Cupid Very Rare Sleigh
Donner Very Rare Sleigh
Blitzen Very Rare Sleigh
Rudolph Very Rare Sleigh
Ponock Very Rare Sock
Muock Very Rare Sock
Buttersock Very Rare Sock
Sockraffe Very Rare Sock
Duock Very Rare Sock
Frock Very Rare Sock
Sockasaur Very Rare Sock
Snock Very Rare Sock
Kittock Very Rare Sock
Soog Very Rare Sock
Cluckwork Very Rare Steampunk
Geartle Very Rare Steampunk
Catpacitor Very Rare Steampunk
Gizmolizard Very Rare Steampunk
Prongupine Very Rare Steampunk
Fishament Very Rare Steampunk
Rabbot Very Rare Steampunk
Steamhorse Very Rare Steampunk
Cograb Very Rare Steampunk
Steamur Very Rare Steampunk
Bon Voyage Very Rare TravelFrom H1
European Vacation 2009 Very Rare TravelFrom H1
Fun In The Sun Very Rare TravelFrom H1
Spring Break 2010 Very Rare TravelFrom H1
Summer Travel 2009 Very Rare TravelFrom H1
Passport Very Rare TravelFrom H1
Spring Break 2009 Very Rare TravelFrom H1
U.S. Marine Corps Very Rare Uniform
The Life Guards Very Rare Uniform
Dragoons Of Independence Very Rare Uniform
Royal Thai Marine Corps Very Rare Uniform
Guard Hussars Very Rare Uniform
Maratha Light Infantry Very Rare Uniform
Moroccan Royal Guard Very Rare Uniform
Kappa Very Rare YokaiMystery May 3
Hakutaku Very Rare YokaiMystery May 3
Tengu Very Rare YokaiMystery May 3
Kitsune Very Rare YokaiMystery May 3
Karakasa Very Rare YokaiMystery May 3
Itsumaden Very Rare YokaiMystery May 3
Nekomata Very Rare YokaiMystery May 3
Mr. Whiskers Very Rare Zombie
Sparky Very Rare Zombie
Nibbles Very Rare Zombie
Shelly Very Rare Zombie
Floppy Very Rare Zombie
Bubbles Very Rare Zombie
Waddles Very Rare Zombie