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Orange - 98 eggs in 12 series

Image Name Abundance Series Notes
Yellow Armadillo Plentiful ArmadilloFrom H1
Pink Armadillo Plentiful ArmadilloFrom H1
Green Armadillo Plentiful ArmadilloFrom H1
Orange Armadillo Plentiful ArmadilloFrom H1
Red Armadillo Plentiful ArmadilloFrom H1
Violet Armadillo Plentiful ArmadilloFrom H1
Purple Armadillo Plentiful ArmadilloFrom H1
Blue Flamingo Plentiful FlamingoFrom H1
Green Flamingo Plentiful FlamingoFrom H1
Grey Flamingo Plentiful FlamingoFrom H1
Pink Flamingo Plentiful FlamingoFrom H1
Purple Flamingo Plentiful FlamingoFrom H1
Red Flamingo Plentiful FlamingoFrom H1
Yellow Flamingo Plentiful FlamingoFrom H1
Green Gummy Bear Plentiful Gummy BearsFrom H1
Navy Gummy Bear Plentiful Gummy BearsFrom H1
Orange Gummy Bear Plentiful Gummy BearsFrom H1
Purple Gummy Bear Plentiful Gummy BearsFrom H1
Red Gummy Bear Plentiful Gummy BearsFrom H1
Violet Gummy Bear Plentiful Gummy BearsFrom H1
Yellow Gummy Bear Plentiful Gummy BearsFrom H1
Comb Plentiful Hermit Crab
Conch Plentiful Hermit Crab
Flower Plentiful Hermit Crab
Goldmouth Plentiful Hermit Crab
Nautilus Plentiful Hermit Crab
Screw Plentiful Hermit Crab
Spindle Plentiful Hermit Crab
Spiral Plentiful Hermit Crab
Triton Plentiful Hermit Crab
Trumpet Plentiful Hermit Crab
Red Koi Plentiful KoiFrom H1
Jamaican Koi Plentiful KoiFrom H1
Purple Koi Plentiful KoiFrom H1
Mexican Koi Plentiful KoiFrom H1
Blue Koi Plentiful KoiFrom H1
Rainbow Koi Plentiful KoiFrom H1
Sun Koi Plentiful KoiFrom H1
Blackring Plentiful Octopus
Blanket Plentiful Octopus
Cuttle Plentiful Octopus
Dumbo Plentiful Octopus
Jelly Plentiful Octopus
Mimi Plentiful Octopus
Mototi Plentiful Octopus
Squid Plentiful Octopus
Vampire Plentiful Octopus
Moon Plentiful Octopus
Ice Puffin Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Watchful Hawk Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Shelly The Seagull Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Vulture Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Bark Woodpecker Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Tropical Toucan Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Shoreside Heron Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Kookaburra Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Weird Platypus Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Duck Nest Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Canadian Goose Plentiful Sea BirdsFrom H1
Dark Snow Plentiful SnowmenFrom H1
Green Snow Plentiful SnowmenFrom H1
Pink Snow Plentiful SnowmenFrom H1
Purple Snow Plentiful SnowmenFrom H1
Red Snow Plentiful SnowmenFrom H1
Blue Snow Plentiful SnowmenFrom H1
Yellow Snow Plentiful SnowmenFrom H1
Bat Plentiful Starfish
Blue Plentiful Starfish
Brittle Plentiful Starfish
Chip Plentiful Starfish
Common Plentiful Starfish
Crown Plentiful Starfish
Sun Plentiful Starfish
Brown Plentiful Teddy
Polar Plentiful Teddy
Pink Plentiful Teddy
Punk Plentiful Teddy
Sleepy Plentiful Teddy
Rough Plentiful Teddy
Fluffy Plentiful Teddy
Octochute Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Purple Seahorse Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Scorpion Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Manatee Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Orca Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Caviar Trout Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Hammerhead Shark Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Inky Squid Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Brain Coral Starfish Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Seaweed Stingray Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Deep Sea Jellyfish Plentiful Under The SeaFrom H1
Black Zebra Plentiful ZebraFrom H1
Purple Zebra Plentiful ZebraFrom H1
Red Zebra Plentiful ZebraFrom H1
Green Zebra Plentiful ZebraFrom H1
Blue Zebra Plentiful ZebraFrom H1
Orange Zebra Plentiful ZebraFrom H1
Rainbow Zebra Plentiful ZebraFrom H1